Prior to your appointment, if insured, it is a requirement we receive a referral letter from your GP or referring surgeon/physician. This can be faxed or emailed to us.

If you are a patient with a personal recommendation, it is preferable you get in touch with your GP first so that we have all the relevant medical information and a referral letter in advance. If you have other medical reports, test or investigation results and a list of your medications, please bring them along to your appointment.



Although it is preferable being referred by your GP, self funding and cosmetic patients can make an appointment directly by phone or e-mail.

VIDA suite and consulting rooms


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Mr De Cordova has a large wealth of experience in the Ear, Nose & Throat area and a subspecialty in Rhinology & Facial Cosmetic Surgery.  He has built his proficiency and skills with the best of both continents (America and Europe). His professionalism and results speak for themselves.

Mr. De Cordova is one the few surgeons in the UK who has been Board certified by both the European and the American Academies in  Facial plastic surgery.

Besides, patients will be able to have high quality treatments in the Island, close to their loved ones and with regular post operative check ups, avoiding trips and extra unnecessary expenses.


"I am truly committed to my profession and my patients. I expect to deliver the best quality health care and service currently obtainable. Investing in a brand new consulting room and equipment with the latest technology becomes priceless when you see a happy and satisfied patient. My patients deserve it".

Jose De Cordova