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What are the costs?


The following information works as guidance. Although, most of the patients will fall into these categories, some on the other hand would experience higher costs according to their needs.


The costs of surgical procedures are always discussed face to face during the initial consultation, which in the cases of cosmetic or aesthetic enquiries, the first appointment is given as courtesy at no cost.

Non- Surgical Procedures


The non-surgical cosmetic procedures are offered to women and men who are searching for a natural, younger and fresher look. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are designed to either prevent or camouflage facial aging lines and enhance or restore volume to specific areas of the face.


They are perfect for those who want more affordable but also reliable results and those who for different reasons do not want surgery.


These procedures have a high rate of success and safety, nonetheless; they have to be performed responsibly by a properly trained doctor or surgeon in aesthetic procedures.


Frown lines: £100

Forehead lines: £100

Crows feet lines: £100

Frown+forehead+Crows feet: £275

Wrinkles under the eyes: £10

Brow lift: £100

Bunny lines: £30

Gummy smile: £20

Marionette lines: £30

Smoker lines: £20

Neck lift (midline): £ 230

Neck lift (full neck): £ 350

Pebbled/dimpled chin: £30

Hyperhydrosis (Arm pits):£350

Bruxism/ wide set jaw: £230


(minimum treatment £100)

Dermal fillers are charged according to the number of syringes required by the patient and the type of filler used.

Prices from £275 to £350 per syringe



Liquid Facelift (8 points)

Cheek augmentation

Marionette lines

Frown lines

Nose cosmetic enhancement

Deep facial lines

Tear trough

 Jowls camouflage / Jaw enhancement

(Male and female)

Lip enhancement and augmentation : £230

The initial Profhilo treatment consists of two sessions, four weeks apart with a cost of £600

Any additional injections either as a top up of the initial treatment (according to patient's needs) or as regular maintenance (every 4-6 months) will have a cost of £275

UltraSlim Non-Invasive Face-lift™


Look 10 to 15 years younger with our safe and effective Non-Invasive Face-lift. Significantly improves skin and neckline. Maintain youthful appearance with monthly touch-ups. Guaranteed results!

Our UltraSlim Professional machine actually stimulates the body's natural production of collagen and elastin. This provides the skin with reduced lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, and tightens neck and jowls.

UltraSlim was actually first patented as a skin rejuvenation device before noticing the "side effect" of fat loss. The Non-Invasive Face-lift is also FDA approved for no adverse side effects

UltraSlim Skin Rejuvenation and Fat reduction


Lines and wrinkles seem to disappear, blemishes are less noticeable, skin tags on the eyelids are smaller, and the skin simply looks much younger.  Maintain youthful appearance with monthly touch-ups.  Guaranteed.

Skin rejuvenation and fat reduction can be done on any part of the body and as often as daily to maintain youthful appearance.

UltraSlim was actually first patented as a skin rejuvenation device before noticing the "side effect" of fat loss. The Skin Rejuvenation is also FDA approved for no adverse side effects

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