Skin Bioremodelling

J. De Cordova  (FRCS)

Facial Plastics & Aesthetic Surgeon

Head & Neck Consultant

What is Profhilo?

It is the first stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) based product which is manufactured without the use of chemical cross-linking agents (BDDE) and is used for skin remodelling and treating skin laxity, not for just filling lines and wrinkles. According to the makers, it delivers dramatic improvement in tissue quality, even in challenging areas, and is complementary to other aesthetic treatments and dermal filler procedures.

It is considered to be safe, effective and “a true breakthrough” in anti-ageing medicine.

"The Profhilo effect"

After 8 weeks

Profhilo Neck



Profhilo arms



Profhilo Face



Skin tightening treatment

We are very excited to welcome Profhilo to our line-up of world-class rejuvenation treatments at the ENT & Facial Plastics Jersey Clinic.

Winner of the most innovative treatment at the Aesthetic Awards in 2016, Profhilo is a real game changer.  Neither a mesotherapy treatment or a filler, Profhilo is a bioremodelling treatment which works to cure wrinkles from within rather than just fill them. Profhilo has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, this helps your skin look more hydrated and plump. It adds weightless volume for a youthful look. In addition, it has a unique lifting and tightening effect to remodel sagging and ageing tissue.  This treatment is performed in 2 quick, comfortable treatments taken a month apart. You can expect to see results within a month but the very best results will be after your second treatment

How the treatment is done?

Many patients choose to use Profhilo to rejuvenate their face. During this treatment Mr. De Cordova gently injects the product into 5 locations for a younger, lifted look.  This treatment can also be used to rejuvenate the hands and neck, or any other parts of the body with saggy skin.


How much does it cost?


Usually initial treatment of Profhilo consists of at least two sessions 4 weeks apart at a cost of £600.

In some people with too much laxity, extra treatments might be required at the cost of £275 each.

In order to maintain the natural and healthy appearance given by Profhilo, repeated single sessions are recommended every 4 to 6 months at the cost of £275 each.

What Profhilo will do in my skin?


Profhilo deeply hydrates the skin whilst adding weightless volume for a youthful look. In addition, it has a unique lifting and tightening effect to remodel sagging and ageing tissue. We can use this treatment on the face, neck, arms and hands.

Historically, the neck has always been difficult to treat with injectable treatments. However, Profhilo is a major breakthrough as it can lift sagging skin on the neck and reduce that crepey skin texture we get as we age.

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